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haunting pianos, breaking strings.

i'm off-tune, i'm singing lyrics i don't know.

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name's anu/snoo. fangirls, eats and watches things, alot and at the same time! writing journal is here
loves reading, singing, music, books, tv shows, movies, tea, violins, strawberries
watches the office, how i met your mother, chuck, pushing daisies, scrubs, friends, doctor who, dead like me and some disney/nick tv shows as well as korean dramas
listens to death cab for cutie, regina spektor, jason mraz, s club 7, s club, vanessa carlton, mandy moore, the corrs, postal service, aly & a.j, miley cyrus, abba, kelly clarkson, nickel creek, kristin chenoweth, ingrid michaelson, a.r rahman, super junior (+M, H, T, K.R.Y), csjh the grace, epik high, snsd, the wonder girls, kara, 2pm, 2am, t-ara, big bang, zhang li yin, lyn, davichi, shinee, after school, infinite
movie loves include legally blonde, penelope, amelie, slumdog millionaire, mean girls and any pixar movie.
celebrity loves include John Krasinski, Neil Patrick Harris, Jenna Fischer, Ellen Degeneres, Kelly Clarkson, the entire office cast, Tina Fey, Jason Mraz, whole of Super Junior, CSJH and Epik High <3


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2am, 2ne1, 2pm, 30 rock, 4minute, after school, alex rider, aly & aj, andy/erin, animated movies, artemis fowl, avalon high, barney/robin, better off ted, big bang, bollywood, captain jack, chandler bing, chick flicks, chocolate, chuck, coldplay, computers, cookies, cricket, csjh, daesung, davichi, david tennant, david/billie, dead like me, death cab for cutie, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, donghae, drake and josh, dwight schrute, ellen degeneres, english, epik high, eunhyuk, even stevens, fanfiction, fiction, fiddling with stuff, foxtrot, friends, george lass, george/mason, gred and forge, hannah montana, harry potter, harry/hermione, high fidelity, himym, his dark materials, infinite, ingrid michaelson, jason mraz, jd/elliot, jenna fischer, jim halpert, jim/pam, john krasinski, jwight, kal ho na ho, kara, kelly clarkson, kim possible, kim/ron, korean dramas, kristin chenoweth, kyuhyun, legally blonde, life with derek, listening to music, loveeee, lucas grabeel, lyn, matilda, mean girls, michael scott, mondler, movies, mp3s, mrs. doubtfire, music, musicals, neil patrick harris, nickel creek, pam beesly, parks and recreation, penelope, percy jackson, pheely, phil of the future, pirates, pixar, playing on the comp, pollyanna, potc, procrastination, pushing daises, quotes, reading, regina spektor, ryeowook, s club 7, scrubs, shinee, sleeping, snsd, sooyoung, spiderman, strawberries, sung si kyung, super junior, tablo, taeyeon, tea, team india, ten/donna, ten/martha, ten/rose, the beatles, the big bang theory, the bro code, the corrs, the disney channel, the doctor, the flowerhood, the office, the shins, the smell of rain, the wonder girls, turk/carla, vanessa carlton, violin playing, wooyoung, zhang li yin