snoorella (snoorella) wrote,

"I always thought there were 2 kinds of people in the world.

the kind that go to their death screaming and the kind that go to their death in silence.
and then i met the third kind.

This particular LJ entry is not about my day, or about anyone's most probably. It's about movies.
Ok, I'm not gonna be the kind of person who lectures about movies, no. I want to express a view on movies. Movies are something which can be taken lightly. But, I prefer to analyze a bit more into the theme. It's like a song but longer, sort of. There should be a certain aspect which sort of symbolizes something and can just be felt. You should feel it from a face, a voice or a certain scene, maybe.

That's the only problem I have with particular chick flicks. At a certain time, you realize that all seem alike and almost have a same storyline. No 2 movies are the same, should be the same (unless it's a remake, of course). But when you come across movies with completely different titles with the same plot, you can't help but feel disappointed that people are trying so hard to make the same movies over and over again.

I'm 14, yeah. I am not supposed to think so much into movies, I should watch them for pleasure. But, I shan't. I get a little thrill from analyzing the movies because then you'll see how much these people have tried to make this unique story something. They go the extra mile.

So today, I watched a hindi movie called Rang De Basanti (keep reading, it doesn't matter that it's hindi.) Ok, it's about war. It's about how the government does not control the law but manipulates it. It's about how completely irrational the government is, and also how corrupted India is. Sure. People think this movie should be watched by the more serious people. I would disagree because I'm not that serious about anything (except probably my violin. and my tv shows.) This movie shows the thoughts of an Indian war from the point of view of students. You can feel the anguish and the pain when you see these actors playing their part.

Now, most movies don't make me feel anything because I think the parts in movies that we actually should be taken seriously are those which are the cheesiest and make me laugh. When you find a once-in-a-lifetime movie about the recklessness of students and the government, you cannot give up a chance to see it because these kind of films are the films that are supposed to make you think. Think about how you are living your life and think about how you could do a part in society.

So, this movie always makes me cry. So, one other thing that's important is of course the acting (as I've said before). Acting is not something to be taken lightly and sometimes you'll find people who are not fit to play the role they're given and think that they should not act in this movie. For example, Nicole Kidman annoyed the hell out of me in Australia because she was not the right choice for playing that role. She just elevated the amount of disgust I have for her. Ok, back to the movie. As I've said, you need to find people who can portray the characters best, which the casting director does. The casting director should be firm and should know what type of people can play the role. Like In RDB, you can see how much the actors work and and how hard they try, but you can also see the emotions of the character shine through their eyes. That's important.

Then comes music and cinematography. I really like looking at both. I can name a few movies with good music and cinematography - Slumdog Millionaire, RDB, Amelie. These 3 are 3 movies with wonderful music and cinematography. I like looking at the editing too and in Slumdog, there's this part at the train station. She's looking around for him and with the sunlight and her clothes and the wind you'll just love it. I think these 2 things are very important in movies mainly because I believe that in a movie, you cannot appreciate a few things unless you hear the appropriate music, see the wonderful scenary and editing.

You see, PIXAR does an excellent job. The animations GREAT, the voices fit the character and the storylines are SO different from others. LIKE, a house which will fly using a thousand balloons?! WHO THINKS OF IT, only pixar people. Wall-e = NO WORDS but still has a hard impact on people. Animation movies are supposed to have imaginative stories and you know, be different. But Pixar (unlike dreamworks) manages to show different themes, amazing stories and also have a huge impact on so many people. For them, they realize there isn't a limit. Because there isn't.

Many people there is a limit to what they think, say or do to which I'd think, "well, there's only a limit when you think there is. it depends on how far you wanna take it." It's true, in a way, and I think that anyone who doesn't think beyond their capacity should start (just like I am.) Movies are the same. A director cannot limit themselves to one simple theme but should explore other areas, because the world is limitless too and there's alot you can show.

Movies are essential to several people and i'll admit, there are certain downsides to it. But, where would we all be without movies? We'd be completely distant, not globalized. Movies are so important, and no one realizes it. Which is why I say, you don't limit yourself to a certain movie. There's always a great movie in each genre (even chick flicks!) and one should not believe that they can only enjoy one certain movie.

Yeah, all these thoughts from one movie :P nah, I just think too much ;)

Ah yes, I'm rambling. It doesn't matter if anyone reads this because I know what I've said actually makes sense.


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